130 Cap


8 Nis 2020

Information Rates ect
Server nameEvolution Sro
Server TypePve
Level Cap130
Max DG14
RaceChinese & Eur
Exp Rate150x
Party Exp/SP Rate200x
SP Rate30x
Gold rate15x
Drop item Rate200x
Sox Drop Rate1.5x
Fortress WarJangan / const/hotan
Capture The FlagEnabled
Battle ArenaEnabled
Max Plus+27 adv 4
Auto PotionEnabled
jop rate13x
IP Limit5
Backup Dedicatedyes

Start Item

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How to play like a boss.
There's new modified room that allows you to gain the level as fast as you can . As a help ..
This room require level 1 -> 50 only . Above that level , you are not able to enter
It's teleport in Darkness town ..

You New ? How to start for beginners

Beginners Guide

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-How can i get Silk ?
Silk Free

-How can i get Gold ?
From Trade 5* = 65bil + 40 EP Coin

-How can i get Arena ?
Arena Coin From mobs in Baghdad 121~130
Use To Buy Item Dagree 14 Moon & Some Scroll
-How can i get JC ?
From Shop 1=2b
use To buy Some Item From Shop
-How can i get Gold coin ?
From Shop 1=1b

You can get EP Coin from CTF Event " So Ok" &
Trade System &Unique System
You will get 2 EP every kill one player in CTF

Rebirth System
[Rebirth System ]
'' You Can Buy this scroll From Shop For JC Coin
'' You Can Get This Coin From Vote System From Website
'' after Use Scroll '' Will Down Level 1 and Earn 3 Stat Point Max 50

Add Unique System reward EP each Kill .Unique

Unique Reward
Lord Yarkan5EP
Demon Shitan10EP
Captian Ivy2EP
TigerGirl "TITAN'5EP
Uruchi "TITAN'5EP
Lord Yarkan"TITAN"10EP
Demon Shitan"TITAN"15EP
Captian Ivy"TITAN"5EP

System Enabled
System Status
Vote for PointsYes!
Coin for tradeYes!
Job Points SystemYes!
Auto Equipment systemYes!
Exchange SystemYes!
Model SwitchersYes!
Honor BuffYes!
Unique Point SystemYes!
Unique Buff SystemYes!
Plus NoticeYes!(+10 to +27 max)

How can i get Dg14 Sun ?
You can get this Dg14 Sun "Weapon" By Forgotten World talisman

You Can get Dg14 Sun Weapon From FGW Collecting 8 Taslimans To Gian 1 Weapon Sun

- Boken key
- Large tong
- Phantom harp
- Evil's heart
- Vindictive spirit's bead
- Hook hand
- Commander's patch
- Sereness's tears

FGW Tasliman's drop rate is Medium

-How can i get Shield Dg14 sun?

You can get this Dg14 Sun "Shield" By kiling ghost sereness

NPC Area

Sorted Avatars
New Helper NPC

Information Rates ect
Normal Pills10000
Purification Pills250
MP X-Large10000
HP X-Large10000
Bolts / Arrows10000
Evolution Coin10000
Arena Coin10000

Alchemy Rate Rates ect
+12 To +2310%

Value Max ect
Weapon+23 With out Adv
Set+18 With Out Adv
Set Acc`s+21 With Out Adv

New Skills

•VIP Skills
VIP Skills

•New Weapon Effect

New Weapon Effect

•Place Unique Drop EP Coin
•Place Unique Drop EP Coin

•Place Unique Drop EP Coin &Scroll
•Place Unique Drop EP Coin &Scroll

•Place ISIS Drop Scroll+1 increase Max +20 adv
•Place ISIS Drop Scroll+1 increase Max +20 adv

New Pet`s
New Pet`s

has been enabled Winter Event
Event Winter

-Scrolls to Change Weapons Style (From Degree (1) To Degree (13)
-Scrolls to Change Weapons Style (Evo / Egy-A / Egy-B/ & More Style 2013 /2017/Dg18/Dg19/)

How To Use Upgrade Scroll
1-Put your 1x item at 1st Slot of your invintory
2-Then Use this Scroll by right click on it
3-You will teleported automatically to town and your item will done Upgrade Your Weapon

New Look Glaive
New Look Glaive

New Look Blade & Shield
New Look Blade & Shield

New Look Spear

New Look Spear

New Look Bow

New Look Bow

New Look Sword & Shield


New Look Dagger
New Look Dagger

New Look Tow Hand Sword
New Look Tow Hand Sword

New Look Staff
New Look Staff

Weapon Glows

Weapon Glows





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? Wanted System.

1- 10 kills in row = Wanted Buff Lv 1
2- 20 kills in row = Wanted Buff Lv 2
3- 30 kills in row = Wanted Buff Lv 3
4- 40 kills in row = Wanted Buff Lv 4
5- 50 kills in row = Wanted Buff Lv 5
- The System Start from Lv 125
- The kills must be in row to get the buff
- If you die before getting the buff you will start count again
- Limit 3 kills for the same character killed per day
- Change Time Scroll From 1h To 48h

1- we have launched a new trade point system

your Account Must Be lv 130 to get your rewards
and trade avalible only from JANGAN to DOWNHANG and from DOWNHANG to JANGAN ONLY

2- Trade 5* you will get 65B EP Coin 40 for [TRADER]
&15B and 10EP [Thief] & [Hunter]
3- after you deliver your trade to NPC at town Make sure that you make restart to get your rewards

Today added something new fun
An award was added to the winner of the winning Fortress War
1- Fortress Now Hotan & Jangan
2- Reward Hotan 5000B Gold each player will get 100B
3- Reward Jangan 15000EP Coin each player will get 300EP Coin
4- This Rewards for the winners Only !!!
This rewards every week

Evo-Sro team wish you a good time

  • We've implemented many automatic events to entertain you while you are active in-game. These events are set to start many times per day so you won't get bored. While also having capture the flag & battle arena you will really have some great fun participating in these events. All events give as a reward a great silk amount based on their difficulty.

  • Automatic Kill the GM event.
    #EventBot is a tough warrior ready to challenge all of you through a duel called "Kill #EventBot" then you're going to be rewarded with Event box.
  • Automatic Hide & Seek event.
    #EventBot will write an notice that the event is about to start then she will write that the event has been started and she will write the place of the hidden char, the first player gonna find this char and send him an exc request he will be the winner and will be rewarded with Event box.
  • Automatic Trivia event.
    #EventBot is ready to give you a 3 questions every 2 hrs.
    All you have to do is answering this questions (quick enough) to obtain a reward consisting of Event box.
  • Automatic Lucky Critical event.
    All of us know Lucky critical event it`s a simple event you can join it by unwear all your items and listen to the event manager rules.
  • Automatic Lottery Event.
    It`s an small event you can join it by register and let the luck do its best !
  • Automatic Mathematics event.
    It`s an math event all of us know it so we dun need a description here.
  • Automatic Unique event.
    Auto unique event that appears random unique and zerk unique to get some power while attacking them !
    At the end of the event there is a random unique will appear that have enormous power.
    The killer of this unique will rewarded by Event box.
  • Automatic PVP 1v1 Event.
    Everyone knows pvp event it's like the normal pvp event that been hosted by the game assistants at the other servers but in Eliaros-Sro we don't have a GA or EM or any char have console so we decided to make it by an automatic way with our automatic chars [#EventBot - #EventBot], A notice gonna be written about starting the pvp event so you have to send "Register" to #EventBot to complete your registration, #EventBot will write the name of the 2 players which gonna play at the first round,then you will be teleported with your opponent to the pvp area then you have to wear your cape then #EventBot will tell you the rules then she will countdown like this then she will write "Fight", if your opponent didn't even wear his pvp cape you can fight with him with the murder mode, Eventually #EventBot will write the name of the winner and he will be teleported to the "Winners Area" to wait his other opponent.
  • Event rules:
    1- you can't start attacking your opponent before #EventBot says "Fight" or you will be the loser.
    2-we disabled zerk points at pvp event area so you won't be able to use zerk at the pvp.
    3-opening devil will lead you immediately to be teleported to the town and you will lose the match of course.
  • Automatic Madness event.
    As we said before we could reach the top of silkroad private servers developing field, Automatic Madness Event is available now in Eliaros-Sro only !!, Madness event[Job] coded by Eliaros-Sro developer.
    #EventBot will write a notice about starting Madness automatic event, all you have to do is wearing your job suit and send "Register" to #EventBot for completing your registration, when the event start #EventBot will teleport all the participants to the Madness event Area, Hunters and traders will be in a one team and thieves in another team , #EventBot will appear unique at the place of thieves team and a unique at the place of the Hunters and traders team (#EventBot will choose the unique depending on the numbers of the participants, Ex: if the number of the participants were between 10 and 20 participants. #EventBot will choose an easy unique, if the numbers of the participants were between 20 and 50. #EventBot will choose a difficult unique) , all you have to do is trying to kill the opponents unique and the first team will succeed in killing the opponent unique will be the winner team, the winner team will be rewarded with Event Box.
    Notice: You have to wear your job suit before register.
  • Automatic Survival Event.
    We have heard about the survival boss , tired of killing unique ?! . We made the following for you
    *Registering time will last for only 5 minutes
    *Automatic teleport to the survival area once event start
    *You will face players like you , your target to survive and kill the others to obtain points
    *Points are obtained from killing , slaying & surviving through a period of time
    *Rewards going to be added to the winner who got the most epic points in killing players
    *Providing that each kill will added 1 point to you
    at last this points will change to 2x EP
    ex: if you won survival round and killed 10 ppl, you will be rewarded by 100 Free EP.